How is the live station executed?

Our chefs arrive 2 hours before the dinner is served. The tent and Paella station are set up and the buffet area is set up. Given the time it takes Paella to cook the chefs usually begin preparation soon after the station is fully set. If any tapas were ordered a table will be displayed by the tent with the platters. The paella station will open once it is cooked and served with the salad of your choice and plated for your guests with the plates you provide. 

Space and needed equipment?

We require a 10' x 10' outdoor space to set up our tent and equipment. We do need electrical access to set up fans or heaters as needed. The Paella is cooked over an open flame.

Do you do events in the winter?

In the winter months we only offer paella delivered in to-go containers for your guests to enjoy. The live station options is only offered in the summer as outdoor cooking isn't suitable for Minnesota winters. Arrangements could be made to set up a buffet station indoors with chafers and linen and be served by a chef but additional charges apply.

What is the service charge?
The service charge is an industry standards charge that covers overhead costs associated with providing quotes, walkthrough and set up. Service charge is 20% for the live station. It is not gratuity therefore not optional. Gratuity is at your discretion for excellent service,

We use only the best ingredients that keep customers coming back time and again.

What is Paella and how is yours prepared?

Paella is a traditional rice dish from Spain. It is usually cooked over an open fire uncovered and it is normally flavored with saffron and pimiento. Here at Twin Cities Paella we strive to keep the classical Paella as close as what you would get in Spain. We use some imported essential ingredients to keep the flavor original. Ingredients like Spanish short grain Rice, Saffron, Smoked Pimiento, Piquillo Peppers and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are all imported from Spain to keep the flavors authentic.

How can I place an order?

You can place an order simply by filling out our quote request form, this form helps us understand exactly what you want out of your party. It also provides us with some important event details to give you an accurate estimate of your event. Once a quote is agreed upon, an event contract is drafted and deposits received.

What is your deposit policy?

We require a 20% non-refundable deposit at booking. The remainder balance is due 14 days before the day of the event. If the balance is not paid by that date, the deposit is forfeited and the event is cancelled.

What areas do you cover?

We are located in Minneapolis and are willing to travel a 20 mile radius of downtown at no additional charge. For longer distances an appropriate delivery fee will be assessed depending on how far it is.

Do you offer tastings?

Unfortunately Paella is not a dish that could be made in small quantities. However we will be selling Paella in various markets across the Twin Cities and can give you a little bit to taste. It might not be exactly the paella you choose but it will give you an idea just how great our paella is. 

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