Tent Add-on Rental

Disposable Chaffing Kit w/Sternos$20
Stainless Steel Chaffing Dish w/Sternos$30/day
6ft Table with black Spandex Linen$20/day

Pan Size/Servings
20" pan/ 10-20 people$20/day
30" Pan/ 25-40 people$30/day
36" Pan/ 40-65 people$45/day
42" Pan/ 65-100 people$65/day

All delivered paellas come in disposable aluminum pans. If your event calls for the added polish of stainless steel buffet equipment, we can provide them for an additional charge. We also sell disposable warming equipment to keep pans warm. All chaffing kits include disposable serving spoons. 


Tent Sizes
10ft x 10ft$55/day
10ft x 20ft$100/day

We rent paella pans by the day with a 2-day minimum. Our kits include a carbon steel pan, matching burner stand, an adjustable propane hose and paella paddle.

This burner and pan set up is not only great for paella but for all kinds of outdoor cooking. Take this baby to the cabin to feed a group or do a fish fry in your backyard and leave the smells outside.

All our live paella stations include shelter for the chefs. If you are in need of some additional shelter for your guests we offer small pop up canopies for rent. These tents can only be added on to paella orders, and are not available for rent by themselves. Tents are black and are weighted or staked down.


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Feel free to email us at info@twincitiespaella.com 

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Buffet Equipment Add-on Rental

Paella Pan Rentals

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